6 Names to Replace Craig Smith

1. Ryan Miller

The Mitchell native is by and far going to be the most popular name talked about in the impending weeks with the search. The brother of Mike Miller and cousin of Macy Miller, Miller is currently an assistant coach under Jamie Dixon at TCU, a recent NIT Champion (69th best team in the nation…. nice) and 6 seed in the tournament this year.

Miller has worked under John Calipari, Steve Alford, and Tony Barbee, but has never been at the helm of a program. Coming home to South Dakota and taking over a program that will likely be preseason #2 has to be alluring.

2. Greg Lansing

The former Coyote (led the Yotes to two D2 Postseason Appearances in the early 90s) is currently the head coach at Indiana State. The Sycamores have steadily gotten worse during his tenure, leading to a cancellation of a five-year rollover contract package. He has made four postseason appearances (one NCAA, two NIT, one CIT). They have not finished over .500 for four seasons and he could be on the chopping block after next year.

There are three years currently remaining on his contract, which makes this extremely unlikely but the possibility of leading his alma mater could be alluring.

3. James Abbott

This is simple. The fix has been on for the past year and James Abbott was involved the entire time. It’s not just a coincidence Abbott is retiring at a convenient time. It is clear he is trying to make a play to become the Pat Reilly of college basketball.

There isn’t much President Abbott can’t do and I am assuming he has some connections in the search committee. He has zero basketball experience from my knowledge but if he wants the job…. who is going to tell a living legend no?

4. Matt Mooney

Listen, there is obviously the giant elephant in the room of what happens if Matt Mooney leaves due to grad transfer. With Craig Smith gone, the possibility is even higher…. there is one sure fire way to get him to stay, make him the first player-coach in NCAA history.


It worked for the Flint Tropics and Jackie Moon, why not with the Coyotes.

5. Larry Eustachy

We raise SDSU and their head football coach’s ‘Joose’ drinking and driving habit and take it one step further.

Larry Eustachy is a proven winner and would be the life of the party at the Char Bar.

6. Brian Jones

If there’s one person that knows how to steal coaches from within the conference (UND joining the Summit League now)…..

It’s David Herbster.