Top Reasons to HATE STATE

Today is my favorite day of the year, the day the Yotes take on that school up north in basketball at home in Vermillion. I’ve had hatred in my heart for SDSU for many a year and it hits its apex on this day. So, this one is for the Yote faithful new to the rivalry or to remind those that may have been a part of the rivalry for most of their lives. With out further ado, here’s the top reasons to HATE STATE (in no particular order).

We Were Here First

The University of South Dakota was opened in 1862 and actually predates South Dakota becoming a state. The school up north opened nearly 20 years later in 1881. State will always be the little brother.

The Mascot


The great minds at the school up north couldn’t pick a better name than the Jackrabbits to call themselves. How much fear does that put in the minds of their opponents? Zero. Instead of instilling fear, Jackrabbits remind me of the small, fluffy animal that some people take as pets. And that brings me to my next point.

Coyotes eat Jackrabbits

Right at the top of a Coyote’s diet is, you guessed it, rabbits. That’s right, we eat them. The only reason you have to like Jackrabbits is for the nutritional meal they provide. It always puts a smile on my face when I drive by the Coyote statue on campus and see a rabbit hanging out of the Coyote’s mouth.


Blue and Yellow


Whenever I see this color combination my blood starts to boil, and an irrational rage starts to spark in my soul when I come across a Jackrabbit logo. This gets worse when I see it in Vermillion and worse yet when the school up north isn’t even in town. I always end up asking myself, “Do they know where they are right now?”

That One Friend

With most of us hailing from the great state of South Dakota, it’s inevitable that we have classmates from high school who made the poor decision to attend the school up north. And with that comes that one friend that won’t stop talking about State this and State like they were actually out on the field, court, or whatever it is and contributing. 99 times out of 100 that’s not the case. When the Coyotes take home a victory, it’s a little sweeter because you know that friend has to shut the hell up.

Hobo Days

First of all, is it Hobo Days or Hobo Day? I honestly don’t know if anyone really knows.

Ever since I came to USD, I have been confused as to why State’s homecoming is dubbed Hobo Days and why the student body dresses up like they are homeless. This makes no sense, right? So, I did some digging. Back in the 1900’s the tradition started with students dressing up in their pajamas of the day. This was deemed undignified by the university in 1911 and a change was made. The next year a student suggested dressing up as hobos. An idea he copied from a FAILED tradition at a different school. So, what’s with this asinine tradition? I have no idea. All the more reason to HATE STATE.
Plus this joke of a video will inform you of what goes on:

We Party Harder

All the evidence you need can be found here

(Shout out to Mason and Byron again for the best recruitment videos in the country)