South Dakota Trying to Criminalize Editing the State Seal

Argus Leader –  

Taking artistic liberties with the South Dakota State Seal could result in jail time if a group of Legislators has its way.

House Bill 1102 would make it a Class 1 misdemeanor to replicate the state seal in a way that isn’t “full and complete” and does not include the state motto “Under God The People Rule.”

Dozens of Legislators have signed on to the bill and its prime sponsor Rep. Sue Peterson, R-Sioux Falls, said Thursday that she wrote the bill in hopes of giving the secretary of state’s office additional authority to police inaccurate or incomplete versions of the seal.

The issue came to her attention when legislators noticed the seal on their state apparel lacked the state motto, Peterson said.

“I think it’s because the women’s prison does it for us and I think they just didn’t have the right piece,” Peterson said. “I am aware that there have been misuses of the seal, there were some people who would cut it in half to take artistic license with it. It’s a branding issue and it (the seal) needs to be honored and respected.”

First of all – Who in the hell is buying gear with the South Dakota State Seal on it? I have yet to venture into the public and witness someone wearing the South Dakota State Seal. Honestly. That is not getting anyone laid in this century.
state seal not laid.png

Second of all – WHO CARES ABOUT THE STATE MOTTO? Ask any South Dakotan what the state motto is… there is maybe .001 % of the state that knows what the motto is. It is literally such a minor thing it is irrelevant. Should it really be the same penalty as a DUI to make a minor adjustment?

Finally- Nobody cares about the State Seal of South Dakota. Literally nobody. It is so outdated that it is a non-factor. Branding? I’ll give you branding…. it’s called MOUNT FUCKING RUSHMORE AND GAMBLING.

I decided to make some updated revisions to the seal (punishable to up to one year and/or $2,000):

state seal strev 1.png



Oh and did I mention about our new clothing line hitting the shelves soon… We’ll show the State of South Dakota “Branding”.

usd seal jean jackets.png