Where to Watch the Coyote Game: Ranked

I know exactly what a lot of people are thinking… what the hell could anyone have to blog about South Dakota?

It was a fair point when deciding to create this blog because there are so many directions this could go. This could be come a complete and comprehensive sports blog, diving in to everything to do with Coyote Athletics and delivering a hot take on games. The other direction is to dive into the realm of Vermillion and provide the advice necessary to live in this cold, frigid wasteland (a lot of alcohol).

The answer was dancing butt-naked in front of me the entire time, the answer had to be… “Where is the Best Place to Watch the Coyote Game in Vermillion”.

1. Leo’s Sports Bar and Grill

The clear choice for #1 in this countdown, I mean it’s implied in the name “Sports”. It is way too easy to bloat yourself with the $15 deal that comes with 18 wings and a pitcher of beer. Throw in a few Icehole shots and you are looking at a severe hangover the next day, made reasonable by the Coyote win the night before.

Listen, sports bars have been around since the end of time. I have not seen one fail in my short life time (not considering Howler’s a sports bar). Hell I swear they pop up everywhere and are the easiest start up loan to get

Leo’s has always been there for thick and thin, primarily known as the “Coaches Bar” which may keep a lot of athletes from going there, but for the brave it pays off. My biggest gripe when I was going down to Leo’s when I was much younger was the lack of a central screen, now there is a giant projector screen for most of the front half of the bar to watch.

2. Main Street Pub

The Main Street Pub coming in at number two should not be a surprise for anyone who has watched a game down here. Many of the deplorables who leave the football games and meander downtown (shame on all of you), end up going to the Pub.

Out of all the bars on this list, Pub is by far the smallest. Despite this smallness, it creates a great atmosphere when there is not an enormous crowd downtown for the game. Being so small, there are not as many televisions as I would prefer, but Todd is by far the most fun owner in Vermillion. I walked in on a random Friday, the night before a home game, looking to get a beer. He looks at me, pulls out the Fireball and asks “You boys looking to get fucked up tonight?” as he pours 5 free shots… dammit if that doesn’t encourage you to blackout I don’t know what does.
3. UPSET ALERT….. Bunyan’s

What an absolute shocker coming in at number three, for a place so far off of the beaten road, how did it come in at #3 ?!

Exactly the reason some would put it down, being off the beaten path makes it perfect. Bunyan’s is the nicest bar in Vermillion, and when I say that… it gives off an extremely energetic vibe to the people coming in and the steel finish in the bar gives it a grit kind-of-feeling. Buyan’s also can boast the best drink in Vermillion, the Bunyan Bomber. Then Bunyan Bomber should be the trademark drink of the Midwest, a mug of Busch Light, then dropping a shot of root beer schnapps creates an orgasmic drink. Hell during the State game for football, bombers were $3.00 a drink. I made it the whole game being at the DakotaDome, if I was at Bunyans? Good luck seeing me alive in the 2nd half.

*These are more anecdotal rankings below because I have never actually been to a game at these places*

4.  OLC

Again, this is very difficult for me to judge due to my actual lack of going to Old Lumber Company to watch a game. I am personally not a major fan of the food, plus the bar is too spacious if there is not a large crowd out. When OLC is busy, it is one of the most electrifying bars in Vermillion… however that is not the case in most situations. On the bright side, you could rack up a $200 tab at OLC and when your parents inevitable check you bank statement…. you can easily blame it on the true culprit, your undesired need to complete a DIY project in your spare time between classes. On the bright side, the pennies ‘IN’ the bar are the coolest and most creative bar design, but it is the most pricey bar out of the places listed above, but despite that… there are conveniently placed TV’s to ramp up the atmosphere.

5. MUC Dining Hall

This one goes out to you my underaged casual alcoholics. I remember my freshman year… where to drink!? Yeah it’s fun being apart of the dorm storming culture until someone finds half-eaten Doritos under the futon in your dorm room and there’s an undeniable stench unwilling to leave the room. I’m sure this qualifies as the LARGEST television in Vermillion. However, being on a school campus causes large, unavoidable problems. First and foremost, if you’re a Busch Light drinking Midwestern like myself, it is near-impossible to stomach drinking liquor in a public setting for an entire game… however it is better than the alternative I guess.

6. Varsity

Ah the ole’ Varsity. I personally am a fan of Varsity, but I can completely understand the issue some have with the lack of liquor. (On a side note, fuck the town of Vermillion, how in the hell can they run a damn monopoly in the liquor business. Give the power to the people, hell give it to me… I would love to have a live television show announcing who gets liquor licenses… electric).

Back to where I was at, I have no idea who goes to Varsity for the game. I can only imagine there is a certain group of people that goes there occasionally and there may happen to be a game (I’m looking at you Dakotans/Strollers).

7. Charcoal Lounge

One of the sporting moments of my life occurred at the Char Bar… I watched the Cubs win the 2016 World Series here…. it was a Drown Night and all 15 people there were ecstatic.

No place with stripper poles is getting my business for a sports game however… but then again worse things have happened.

We will have a Twitter Poll at the end of the week for you to try and dispute me.